The best way to avoid a lawsuit is to understand the law. We enjoy speaking to all sorts of audiences who seek to understand employment law. We often speak to unions to help their members understand their rights under the law, but we also are available to speak to human resources groups, executives, managers and others to help them understand how to avoid employment law lawsuits.

Some examples of groups we have spoken to in the past include:

  • Union Members
  • Union Officials
  • Corporate Managers
  • Association Managers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • State Agencies
  • Federal Agencies

If you are a person who manages people, you have the responsibility to understand the basics of employment law to protect your employees’ rights under the law. Rebecca L. Fisher can speak to you about common mistakes managers make in managing their employees, that can result in multi-million dollar judgements against your organization. Help your organization become a better, fairer employer–talk with us today about conducting training for your managers.

Areas we can cover include:

  • EEO Law – What is covered
  • How to Handle EEOC Complaints
  • Guidelines for Hiring, Evaluations, Disciplinary Action, Terminations, and Layoffs
  • Recent Court Decisions
  • Sexual Harassment – What it is, How to Handle it
  • Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities


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